Meet The Team
Dr. Taryn Foster


Taryn is a coral biologist with 10 years of experience in researching the impacts of climate change on coral reefs. She is a Research Associate at the California Academy of Sciences and a Resident at the Autodesk Technology Center in San Francisco. Prior to her work on coral reefs, Taryn worked in her family’s business in the masonry manufacturing industry.

Taryn is passionate about cross-industry collaboration. Combining her business and manufacturing background with her expertise in coral biology, she offers a unique perspective to upscaling coral reef restoration.

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Shubham Goel

Operations & Team Lead

Shubham has 11 years of experience in leading engineering research projects and is currently Head of Machine Learning at Dropbox. As a part of the Coral Maker team, he helps with project management and financial planning to scale the restoration effort to millions of corals.


Shubham has a background in mechanical engineering and data science. In the past, he has worked on India’s first nanosatellite and devices for railway safety. He is passionate about advanced industrial design techniques like generative design and 3D printing. His favorite sea creature is the octopus.

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Tom Hemans

Design Engineer

Tom is a Technical Consultant at Autodesk based in Birmingham, UK. He has a Master’s degree in Automotive Engineering. Tom specialises in CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing), and now works in the Fusion 360 Customer Advocacy Organisation helping people to make things using CNC machines.

Tom took up scuba diving in 2018 and got his PADI qualification in Malta. He joined Coral Maker in 2019 with a desire to make a positive impact on the world’s coral reefs. As a design engineer, he is responsible for creating models in Fusion 360 of the various parts that will be manufactured.

    Dr. Yotto Koga


    Yotto Koga is a member of the AI Lab, working on robotics and machine learning problems. Most recently, he has been exploring the application of various deep learning techniques to robotic tasks and perception, with the goal of making robots adaptable and with proper software tools, making the use of robots accessible to a greater number of Autodesk customers in the manufacturing and construction industries.


    Prior to Autodesk, he was co-founder of two startups, Haiku Media and Motion Factory, specializing in digital actor, autonomous behaviors, and 3D game middleware technology. He has a PhD from the School of Engineering, Stanford University focused on robotics and reasoning for manipulation tasks.


    Yotto joined Coral Maker in 2020, and is working on automated seeding of the coral dome using robots, with scaling considerations.

      Heather Kerrick


      Heather is a Principal Research Scientist at the Autodesk Robotics Lab, her research is focused on connecting design tools to robotic fabrication workflows. Her background is in Product Design and Mechanical Engineering and she is interested in making robots more accessible to a wider community of engineers, designers, fabricators and scientists by creating more intuitive software tools.


      As part of Coral Maker, Heather is developing a workflow to connect the CAD model of the coral to the robotic system so that the automation can be more flexible and easier to implement. 

        Dr. Nicole Carey


        Nic joined Autodesk in 2020 as a Research Scientist at the Autodesk Robotics Lab, specializing in sensor integration and robotic control. Her background includes degrees in Mathematics and Mechatronic Engineering from the University of Adelaide, and a PhD in Ecology, Evolution and Systematics from the Australian National University. She has a particular interest in bio-inspired robotic systems, and her work on biomimetic robots and field sensing for ethological research has taken her from filming dragonflies in the Australian outback, to studying honeybees in northern Germany, to investigating termite mounds in northern Namibia.


        As a control engineer and perception specialist, her work on Coral Maker is focussed on ensuring effective and seamless control of the automation processes.

          Robert Bowerman pic.jpg
          Robert Bowerman

          Manufacturing Engineer

          Robert Bowerman is a Technical Consultant at Autodesk within the field of Additive Manufacturing. Primarily he works on collaborative projects and with industrial partners to develop the future software tools for Additive Manufacturing processes. Of particular interest to Robert are the design freedoms and manufacturing flexibility that AM offers

            Dr. Rebecca Albright

            Scientific Advisor

            Dr. Rebecca Albright is Assistant Curator and Patterson Scholar at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. She is a coral reef biologist with expertise in coral reef biology, ecology, and biogeochemistry. Her research focuses on the ability of coral reefs to cope with changing environmental conditions such as ocean acidification and warming. She has worked in academic, government, and non-profit settings and has studied coral reefs around the world, ranging from the Florida Keys to the Great Barrier Reef.

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            Mariah Hanning

            Animation Specialist

            Mariah is a Technical Support Specialist at Autodesk within the field of Architecture, Engineering & Construction. She has an Associates in Architectural Engineering form Southern Maine Community College and a Bachelors of Architecture from Boston Architectural College where she was able to further tune her art, design, and technical skills.


            As part of Coral Maker, she helps with 3D design, and animation aspects, and hopes to bring an artistic eye along with software skills to the team. 

              Rachel Cooke

              Manufacturing Engagement

              Rachel is a Customer Success Manager at Autodesk. She has a background in advanced manufacturing, specializing in prototype and production manufacturing using additive technologies. Rachel’s education was in Environmental Management and Protection and she interned at the California Academy of Sciences in 2014 helping update science curriculum.